About Us

We are a team of two. Azaliya - artist, game designer and programmer, Ural - game designer and programmer. We are partners.

Khamitovs Team was originally founded by Azaliya Khamitova and Ural Khamitov in 2013. Our mission is to make new games and create new opportunities. We are based in Ufa, Russia, but we work with talented people from all over the world.


Azaliya Khamitova
Team Lead, Programmer

Ural Khamitov

Contact Info

e-mail: info@khamitovs.team

facebook: khamitovsteam
instagram: khamitovsteam
twitter: @khamitovsteam
vk: khamitovsteam
discord: khamitovsteam
youtube: khamitovsteam


Feel free to contact us about any technical problems or questions you may have concerning our games.